That Time Jim Carrey Became Andy Kaufman

Anyone who has been a regular reader of my movie blogs knows that we love the undervalued. One of these films is 1999’s Milos Forman’s Man On The Moon starring Jim Carrey as the incomparable Andy Kaufman. After receiving mixed reviews at its release, Jim Carrey went on to win his second straight Golden Globe […]

The Cape Fear Remake Is a Benchmark For All Reboot Films

As the 1980’s drew to a close, and Martin Scorsese undertook the task of filming a Cape Fear remake, it seemed that perhaps great filmmaking might have passed him behind. It had been ten years since he had made a near masterpiece with Raging Bull and brought Robert De Niro his second Academy Award and […]

Jeff Bridges Top 5 Underrated Movies

Without a doubt, in the last 10-15 years, one of the most reliable stars has been Jeff Bridges. In the last 6-7 years, he’s enjoyed the height of his career without question. After winning his first Academy Award for Crazy Heart, he followed up with another nomination the next year for his remake of True […]

The Deer Hunter Is An Overlooked Masterpiece

Robert De Niro has made many, many iconic films in his time that will live on for generations. No film may be more overlooked than The Deer Hunter. The films span time periods, decades and cultures. The list is long and distinguished, and for a good reason, he made brilliant films with brilliant performances and […]

Raiders of The Lost Ark Is The Greatest Adventure Movie Ever

Before I dive into why Raiders Of The Lost Ark is the greatest adventure movie ever, I should explain the difference between adventure and action films. An adventure movie is entirely different from an action movie for a few reasons. While it does contain action, it is always more about the story and getting somewhere, […]

Review: The Post

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock over the last year is well aware that journalism has been under fire in this country. As a fan of journalism movies, I was extremely excited about Steven Spielberg’s new movie The Post. Set in 1971 it tells the true story of the leaked documents detailing the […]